Michael Lukiman

Michael Lukiman


Michael “Ike” James Lukiman


Research Assistant
Neuroscience, B.Sc.
Computer Science, M.Sc (Current)




United States of America


CS & Engineer Lab, New York University Shanghai
Room 1200, New York University Shanghai
Shanghai, China

New York, New York
Winnetka, California


Michael Lukiman completed his undergraduate career as part of the inaugural
class of New York University Shanghai. From birth he was raised in California,
and during university has studied in Shanghai, New York, Buenos Aires, and Tel Aviv.
His lab families include: the NYU Erlich Lab alongside Jeffrey Erlich (alumni,
Princeton Brody Lab), Sylvain Dubroqua, Jenya Lukinova, Josh Mollermara, Xiangci Li,
Yuyue Wang, Yiding, Cequn Wang, Linqi Zhang, and Edward; Associate Professor Wenshu Li,
Lin Jin, and Samuel Ridgeway; and now Quantum Fandango with Professor Tim Byrnes,
Eric Song, Louis Tessler, Chaohan, Rouming, Paula Velasquez, Igor, Suman, etc.
His work concerns scratching his head looking at quantum algorithms for applied practices
in the recent concept of quantum-machine-based machine learning (coined here as QMML).